What are people are saying?

“Nick cares about alignment and tailors his practice to your own individual path. He breaks down the most complex of postures, and always offers modifications and options for beginner to advanced yogis. You can build off of these options over time, until you reach a more complex variation, and it becomes more attainable for you. Achieving these elements over time enhances confidence, patience, and provides you with a sense of satisfaction. His classes, both in person and online, have assisted me with my sobriety, anxiety, and depression.”

Cher Lynn

“The word ‘class’ doesn’t do the space Nick holds justice. The time he leads on the mat is more than just time spent improving practice. It’s time spent improving yourself. It’s time spent understanding how self-mastering isn’t about perfect posture but recognizing imperfection as a place from which to start growing and connecting to us as individuals, but also as a collective. Nick always finds the right flows and the right words, and his playlists aren’t too shabby either.”

Eve Barlow

“If schedules allowed, I would spend time with Nick every single day. I’ve often said, when describing him to other people, that my self esteem goes up around him because he just helps me see a better version of myself  when I look in the mirror. It’s not by showering complements, or even by encouraging words. (Though he gives out both!) Nick creates a room that is built on love, trust, acceptance, community and empowerment. Walking into his space is like auto refuel from the moment my foot connects to the floor.  His knowledge, dedication and compassion for others obviously makes him an incredible teacher but practicing with him is a privilege I hope everyone gets to experience…and one I am truly grateful to have in my life.”

Tej Herring

“Nick’s sequences not only consistently prove to be wildly fun and creative, but his classes also interweave a deep respect for body alignment and cultivate a beautiful balance between strength and flexibility.”

Sam Midori

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